Dance Moms’ Star Sues- Abby Lee Miller Are Brooke, Paige and Kelly leaving the show?READ THIS!!! #dance

David M. Palmieri

‘Dance Moms’ news: Are Brooke, Paige and Kelly Hyland leaving the show?

After the post below, I had to watch the show tonight just to see how bad it really was going to be.  Not sure what you all thought or how you felt but I can say that in my opinion is was pretty BAD!!! With respect to Brooke and Paige, they are very talented kids and may possibly have a future in the world of performing arts.   As a parent and a Dance Dad, there is no WAY I would send them back.  I think those kids need change, and need to be in a healthier environment that will allow them to flourish.  Keep this in mind folks, these girls are still very young and despite all the stardom this show may have, there isn’t enough money in the world that would make me put my kids…

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